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About a name authority

A name authority file  (CCO example below) contains a record of the authorized or formal version of the name (and other pertinent information) of a person or corporate body. Information may also include events, dates, places, titles, organizations, etc. The record will contain a unique identifier and use a controlled vocabulary. This creates part of a mechanism which helps provide uniform access to resources related to the person (or corporate body) being described.

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MMC- ID 1895_1



Munro, Murdoch. (preferred, inverted)

Murdoch Munro (preferred, natural order)

Dodo (variant)

Display Biography: bank clerk, military personnel, 1895-1961, active 1914-1919

Nationality: Scottish

Birth Date: 1895-03-20; Death Date: 1961-11-02

Earliest Active: 1914; Latest Active: 1919

Life Roles: bank clerk • military personnel

Gender: Male

Place of Birth [TGN ID=]: Ardcharnich (Scotland, United Kingdom)

Place of Death [TGN ID=]: Edinburgh (Scotland, United Kingdom)

Related Person:

            Relationship Type: brother of

            Related Person label [MMC ID]: Munro, Mary (1896-1964)

Note: Murdoch Munro was a soldier in the 4th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders, serving as part of the British Expeditionary Force sent to France during the World War, 1914-1918. He enlisted on April 12th 1913 when he was eighteen years old. His rank became Lance Corporal. He was awarded the Military Medal for an act of gallantry in the field in August 1918. He was disembodied from service on March 1st 1919. Murdoch Munro became a bank clerk in civilian life and lived with his family in  Edinburgh (Scotland).


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Sample of rdfa markup

Information about Murdoch Munro could be expressed as:

Murdoch Munro, 1895-1961

Corps: 4th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders

Rank: Lance corporal

Regimental number: 200147

Medals: Military Medal, 1914 Star

However marking up this description,  better optimizing for search engines, will improve findability and discoverability. Therefore, vocabularies have been explored. A basic layout of one description for 'person' is illustrated here. This 'conversion' into rdfa has not been incorporated, however SEO tools are offered by Wix and this option will be explored using markup similar to the sample below. markup - Rdfa

<div vocab="" typeof="Person">

<span property="name">Murdoch Munro</span>

<span property="additionalName">Dodo</span>

<img src=",h_184,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/dodo.webp" property="image" alt="Photo of Murdoch Munro"/>

<span property="birthPlace">Ardcharnich, Scotland</span>

<span property="nationality">Scottish</span>

<span property="birthdate">1895</span>

<span property="deathDate">1961</span>,

<span property="affiliation">4th Seaforth Highlanders</span>

<span property="hasCredential">Lance Corporal </span>

<span property="awards">Military Medal</span>

<span property="awards">1914 Star</span>

Murdoch Munro Collection:

<a href="" property="url"></a>


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