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Site owner: Erika Nygard

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Background of the Collection

The items have been handed down through the family of Mary C Munro (Murdoch's sister) to Murdoch's son Keith Munro, and are under the ownership of the Munro family. I hope this project provides access to the extended family, as well as anyone interested for its research and historical value.


Contents of Collection

The collection consists of:

  • Letters and envelopes

  • Postcards

  • Documents - military and non-military

These were kept in a wood tobacco cabinet along with:

  • medals

  • pipe

  • photographs

  • Ghurka knife

  • Scrapbook with leaf and poppy petal


Website Creation

Website created: January - present 2020.


This project began in the spring of 2020, as a research project toward my Masters Degree in Library and Information Science (Kent State University- Ohio -USA). 

Preserving the items of this collection and making them available to others was an important reason for this project. Many of the letters are very fragile, have foxing (browning), signs of age and handling. Some of the photographs are damaged, two significantly so and extremely fragile. It was important to prevent further damage by minimizing further handling. 

The initial scanning of letters, postcards, and documents was done in 2017 using a domestic scanner. Other objects have been photographed with an iPhone 10. This is because I live in another country from the collection and currently have limited access. It is hoped that new images will be taken to improve image quality.

Descriptive metadata was created recording important elements of the items.



Images: The images of items in this collection are owned by Erika Nygard. You may use these images for educational purposes, please provide credit where possible. Images not taken or owned by me and used on this website are by permission by the owners. All efforts have been taken to seek such permission. Please do not use these images without seeking the owner's permission. I cannot grant that permission. These images will be shown with copyright notices and links to the owner's website.

Content: If you wish to use any of the content of this website or of the items in the collection for educational or research purposes you are welcome to do so. Please acknowledge the work with a link back to this site. Thank you.



Dr. Marcia Zeng - Professor at the School of Information - Kent State University. I would like to thank Dr. Zeng for all the encouragement and support helping me to fulfill the aims of this project. I will always be grateful to you. 

Gerry Sweeney - Thank you so much for scanning all these letters and documents. It must have taken you ages! It was such a huge help to have these files.

Ian McLeod and the staff of the Dingwall Museum - Dingwall (Scotland). The museum contains a collection of artifacts of the Seaforth Highlanders, and were very helpful in my research. Thank you so much!


This work by Erika A Nygard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Please give me appropriate credit when reusing. See site information page for more information about the use of images as some may be copyrighted. Some images on this site are used by me with permission and attribution information has been provided. 
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